10 Fundamental Rules Of Writing An Academic Expository Essay

An academic expository paper is nothing similar to anything you might have written so far. You will have to take into consideration several things and these need to be included in the logical order as well. Here are 10 basic rules of writing an expository essay.

  1. Five-paragraph essay is passé
  2. Those who wrote a book on why every student must develop a five-paragraph paper only are long rested in their graves. The impetus today is on authentic and organic pieces that command attention.

  3. Introduction and conclusion bugaboos
  4. Almost every instruction manual that talks about academic papers also talks about introductions and conclusions. But you should not be worried about these unless there is some real concern and they may be completely ignored in the expository.

  5. Explaining V informing
  6. There is a slight difference, just in case you might not have noted already. You should look to inform readers rather than explaining things to them.

  7. Patterns in the expository
  8. There are set patterns that you may choose to explore. But you may also do so without going too deep into the circuit.

  9. Description of what is important
  10. Do not set about telling the readers about all that you know. Describe only what you feel is important for the reader to know. It only happens like that unless you know of better ways.

  11. Development of an idea
  12. The idea should be developed throughout the length of the paper. Do not cross the line on this one. Make sure there is no real trouble in taking the idea through the readers.

  13. Supporting material incorporation
  14. There needs to be a decent doze of supporting material that extends support to your thesis or argument.

  15. Agreement of subject and verb
  16. This might sound like a silly grammar lesson, but you should make sure there is something you can incorporate in here as well.

  17. Clarion calls win
  18. The better you are at clarifying what you want to state to the reader, the more are your odds at registering a win. Make sure what you feel is expressed well in the paper as well. There are those that will do better with other parts. You must leave a mark here.

  19. Third person please
  20. There is no point using the first and second persons while writing an expository. Use third person and use third person exclusively. This gives the much needed strength to the paper.


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