Expert’s Instructions For Writing An Essay In Molecular Bioscience

Students who study molecular biology often get academic assignments from their teachers. If you’re instructed to compose an essay in molecular biology, there is a lot of work for you to do because you’ll have to conduct research first. If you don’t want to write a bad paper and lose face in front of your instructor, you should follow particular instructions.

Preparations to Make Before Writing

  1. Narrow your topic.
  2. Molecular bioscience is a broad field. To compose an interesting paper, you should select a narrow and original topic. Pick a sub-discipline of molecular biology, like pharmacogenomics, for example, and choose some topic from it.

  3. Conduct research.
  4. Once the direction of your work is chosen, you should search for evidence to prove your arguments. You’ll need to read some books or articles related to your narrow topic, at least. You may even conduct your own experiments.

  5. Compose a thesis.
  6. Every essay should have a thesis statement. This is a sentence that helps you convey the main message or determine the main goal of your paper. A thesis should tie up all your arguments and examples together.

  7. Make an outline.
  8. Before you start writing, you should come up with a structure of your paper. Divide your text into the introduction, body, and conclusion. Briefly mention in your outline what you’re going to write in each section.

Writing a Paper

  1. Compose the introduction.
  2. The opening paragraph should attract the attention of the reader and give them a basic understanding of what your essay is about. Start the introduction with an interesting fact related to your topic. Then, briefly write about its history. Finish the paragraph by stating your thesis.

  3. Compose the body.
  4. There should be several body paragraphs that present and discuss your arguments. Make sure to support your arguments with good evidence and provide references to your sources. Discuss each argument separately but make sure that they all can be connected to each other and your thesis.

  5. Compose the conclusion.
  6. The last paragraph should summarize your points and state the importance of your work. Don’t include new ideas or arguments in the conclusion. However, you may propose a direction for further research of your topic.

Finalizing a Paper

Once your essay is written, you should check it for grammar and spelling mistakes. You may also need to rewrite some sentences to make them stronger. Include the list of your sources at the end of your paper and format the document according to your teacher’s requirements.

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