Five Basic Elements Of A Good Expository Essay On Noise Pollution

An expository essay is doing just what is says. It is exposing something that you want to expose and justifying yourself. Your assignment is on noise pollution so you need to take the necessary steps to create a good essay on that subject. Here are five elements to help you create a great expository essay on noise pollution:

  1. What is your topic sentence? This is the most important aspect of your essay, of course. Noise pollution is such a broad topic, you need to narrow it down and choose a topic. Brainstorm for ideas to find about 10 options to choose from. After you do that, begin researching so you can eliminate some of the topics that don’t have enough research to write a thorough essay. You should try to eliminate at least 5 topics this way. Next, decide if there are any topics that should be eliminated because your readers may not find them interesting. Try to narrow it down to 3 topics. Now decide from the three remaining topics which topic interests you the most. There is your topic for your essay.

  2. Organization is key – Make sure you organize all of your information is organized so that you can create the flow you are looking for in your essay. All of your research needs to follow a logical sequence so that your essay flows properly.

  3. List Thesis statement, Main points, and Topic sentences and create an outline. All of these need to be identified so you know exactly where your essay is headed and how it is going to get there. The outline is your roadmap that will guide you through all of the information.

  4. Transitions – These are vital so that you can make smooth transitions between each of your points and paragraphs. They are what creates the flow and makes your essay easy to follow and fun to read.

  5. Conclusion – Make sure you restate your thesis statement and your main points in the beginning of the conclusion. Also don’t introduce any new information in this paragraph. The only other thing in this paragraph is you want to remind your reader why you are writing the article and what they can learn from it.

If you can follow these main points, you will be able to successfully create your expository essay and be proud to hand in this to your professor.

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