Coming Up With Strong Topics For A Causal Analysis Essay

The writing of a causal analysis essay requires the connection of an event to the ones that preceded it and may have been responsible for it according to all available evidence. Picking essay topics by that follow this method requires some careful planning for the following reasons:

Some relationships are poorly defined

Two things may occur in tandem and appear to be linked but without careful research that link can easily be misinterpreted. They may in fact both be caused by some other, as yet undefined third factor.

Some sources may be biased

There are many people who benefit from maintaining the flow of false information so that certain biases persist in society. If you intend to produce a well written and factual causal analysis essay, ensure that none of these sources influence your own writing. Find as many reputable sources as possible.

The topics below are fairly strong and you can use them to structure your own:

  1. What predisposes people to feelings of homophobia or other related types of discriminatory thought?
  2. Why do girls outperform boys in all subjects except for the STEM group (science, technology, engineering and math)?
  3. Why are images more easily remembered by the brain than words whether heard or read?
  4. What are the most likely reasons for the decline in marriages over the past decade?
  5. What factors are most likely responsible for the tendency of adolescents to rebel against their parents’ rules?
  6. Why have so many young people become invested in online virtual realities rather than cultivating their own lives?
  7. Why are young people much more likely to commit or attempt suicide in some nations than others?
  8. What are the most likely reasons for the almost constant unrest in the Middle East over the past few centuries?
  9. What events lead to the 2009 global economic downturn and resultant great recession?
  10. What caused the creation of American English as a separate language from its British predecessor?
  11. What physiological traits if any predispose a person to becoming a successful athlete or dancer?
  12. Why have all experiments with hypnopedia thus far been unsuccessful at producing significant learning?
  13. Why do people age and die?
  14. Why are musicians more likely to be good at mathematics?
  15. Why did ancient humans use selective breeding to turn wolves into dogs?

If the process of writing causal analysis essays is unfamiliar to you, consider writing a few of these for practice. If you’re really dedicated, write them all.

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