Choosing Argument Essay Topics: 15 Interesting Suggestions

Argumentative essay writing resembles persuasive essay writing quite closely. The major difference between the two resides in the need for balanced investigation of both sides of an issue that can be found in an argumentative essay while a persuasive essay is permitted to be very obviously loaded in one direction. Despite this, topics suited to one of these essay types are general usable for the other just as well.

When choosing a topic for an argumentative essay you should look for a topic on which information can easily be sourced as opposed to a topic which you are passionate about. Any good argument is supported by evidence not feelings or opinions. Another factor that should be taken into consideration is what is trending. The more popular the topic the more likely other persons will also have weighed in on the subject. A few of the topics which fit the aforementioned criterion are:

  1. Should all people enjoy marriage equality?
  2. Is the denial of euthanasia an infringement on basic human rights?
  3. Should scientists be allowed or even encouraged to engage in the use of stem cells in research?
  4. Is there a place for capital punishment in modern society?
  5. Should international agencies push for the global legalization of marijuana?
  6. Is corporal punishment ever effective within the school system?
  7. Is racism still an issue in America?
  8. Are animal rights more important than human rights?
  9. Are well defined gender roles necessary in a modern society?
  10. Has social media positively impacted the way we communicate?
  11. Can violent offenders ever truly be rehabilitated by prison sentences?
  12. Should parents be allowed to choose their children’s souses?
  13. Is there ever a good reason to drive an animal species to extinction?
  14. Do children have an innate sense of morality that adults lack?
  15. Are employers entitled to terminate the employment of people above a certain age?

Topics such as those suggested above allow for a writer to choose a position either for or against and then bolster their argument with supporting evidence. There are a multitude of sources available online that can be used to formulate strong arguments in either direction. It is especially useful to state the points that go against your beliefs because it makes you more capable of seeing and writing without biases and this is one of the marks of a great academic writer.

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