Creating A Decent 5-Paragraph Informative Essay In A Few Simple Steps

The best way you can make this assignment easy for yourself is to follow the steps below. This kind of essay is very easy to write if you don’t overthink it or worry too much. Most students will find it does not take long to plan and write this kind of homework as long as you are prepared. Keep reading for the tips you need to complete your school work.

Keep yourself focused on your research and the topic involved with this homework to stay motivated and to remember what you’ve studied. Using the advice in this article, you will be able to write a decent assignment for your class.

Steps for a 5 paragraph essay

Here are the only steps you need for writing this project and completing it on time:

  1. First you need to write your introduction. This comes before any other part of the homework and will introduce your topic to the reader. You need to have a thesis statement here, and provide information on both sides of the topic.

  2. Next are the body paragraphs, which in the case of a 5 paragraph essay, you use 3 paragraphs for the body, each with their own point or argument. Have each one use evidence or sources you’ve gathered in defense of your perspective, to prove a point of view.

  3. Your conclusion comes last, obviously, so that it concludes and summarizes everything you’ve talked about in the paper so far. Remember that this is the last thing the reader will read, and remember the most, so make it count.

  4. After writing the first draft, you should have a friend or parent read it to catch any mistakes. It’s also helpful to get their opinion if there are any boring or confusing parts, and then you can revise it to get a better grade.

Now that you know the steps, it will be easy to follow through and apply them to your topic of choice. Whether your teacher has assigned the topic or you got to choose your own, having a plan to use will keep everything in place. Often, the structure of your paper is more important than being able to use big or cool sounding words, because if it’s easy to understand, you will get a better mark. Good luck on your writing!

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