Who Can Proofread My Essay Online For Free- 5 Best Suggestions

When you have your essay completed and all that is left to do is edit it, you can find some help with that online. There are not too many places that you can get help online proofreading your essay for free but it is possible. There are several ways to get the help that you need and here are the five best suggestions for doing just that.

  1. Grammar check
  2. I guess is a “what” rather than a “who”, but I couldn’t leave it out. There are some great grammar check programs available to you for free online. Enter “free grammar check” into your website browser search engine and be prepared for some really awesome free services that will allow you to enter your paper and it will check it for you. This program is more advanced than your word processors grammar check so don’t pass up on this option just because you already used the one on your word processor.

  3. Homework helper
  4. There are homework helper sites that may be able to help you with editing your essay. The majority of them are not free but there are some free ones available. They will usually offer this service so that you may utilize them in the future for some of their other services. Either way, it is still a helpful tool for you.

  5. Question forums
  6. Question forums are places where people connect to offer answers to each other on a variety of questions. You may have some luck here. Responses to questions on these sites are totally voluntary so this is always your best bet. But you could get free help editing your paper on these sites. There are definitely some people out there who enjoy editing papers and helping others even though they don’t get paid for it.

  7. Writing lab
  8. If you go to school online or your school has an online site, you can get help right online. There are programs that can be found through your writing lab where you can submit your paper and get it back shortly after with some editing suggestions.

  9. Online chat
  10. There are some online chats that you may be able to have with people on writing sites that can give you some pointers on your paper. However, this may be a long shot simply because their main goal is to make money giving answers. You may be able to get something out of them because they are trying to prove that they can help. It may be worth a shot.


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