Racism in America

Racism is a dangerous weapon that had been in use in America. The practice of unfair treatment of the people living in America was prevalent majorly before the 20th century when a ban of racialism was announced. The blacks were majorly on the losing end when it came to matters of racism in America. However, there were others who suffered the same as they were not considered to be white people purely. These groups included the Italians, people from the Jewish nations or cultures and also the Irish people. Racial segregation was majorly in almost all areas. The tool or racialism was used in demoralizing the people. Those that were not white were treated as inferiors. The white Americans felt superior to the rest of the people. The justice mechanisms in America at the time racialism was widespread such that the systems of determination of criminalize were different.

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Racism in America: Prevalence

Slavery was one thing that led to the increase and prevalence of the racial segregation and discrimination in America. People that were enslaved were not whites. The black people were majorly the slaves. The nature of the tasks they performed, how badly they were treated were also contributors. They were thus viewed as slaves and not people like the rest. The schools theta the whites attended were different from those all the people from other races attended. The whites could never be allowed to mix with other races. The superiority complex among the whites was too much that they could not mingle or interact with races they thought, or they considered inferior. Unfairness in the justice system or the judicial systems in America was also experienced and evident. The whites could at times be pardoned for acts or mistakes people from different races would be sentenced for. This was the favor for the whites and discrimination against the rest of the people. Employment opportunities that earned a lot of money could only be allowed to the whites. People from other races would only work as sweepers and ground men or women.

Effects of the Prevalence of Racism In America

The people discriminated felt inferior and also demoralized. The inferior group was denied opportunities to participate in the community in issues that mainly concerned politics or development. People were unfairly treated as belonging to a different race. Some were even sentenced for simple mistakes. The conduct of racially segregating others was in a way causing enmity between and among the different races. The racialism was finally abolished.


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