How To Craft A Comparative Essay On Judaism And Christianity

To write a comparative essay you need two objects,actions or processes, points of view, positions etc. you can compare and find differences between. Judaism and Christianity are a very good base for writing this type of paper – they belong to the same area and have some common features, but also have a lot differences, so the paper on this will be pretty easy to write.

Basic structure of a comparative essay.

To write a good paper of this type, you need to choose a few points of comparison – something that relates to both objects of comparison and defines each object. If you have a short paper, 3 points will be enough. Now there are two option on how to structure your essay.

There are no specific restrictions on how and when to use these two methods, so you may choose one and structure your comparative accordingly.

Judaism vs. Christianity: comparative points.

If you are still lost on which points to use for comparison in this specific case, here are a few suggestion for you:

This is not a full list of differences between Judaism and Christianity you can use to compare them, but it will give you a few good ideas on where to start.

Frame of your paper: introduction and conclusion.

Comparing these two religions won't be enough for you to write a good paper and will get you a good grade. You will also need to include two important parts an essay shall have: intro and conclusion. Intro is the first paragraph of your paper, where you will briefly state the objects of your comparison and why you've chosen them for your paper. Conclusion will summarize what you achieved by comparing them.

After your essay is finished, don't forget to proofread it carefully to get rid of any accidental typos and spelling errors and format the paper according to the requirements of your professor. See? Writing a comparison on Christianity and Judaism does not seem that hard anymore. Good luck with your class!

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