How To Create An 8th Grade Five-Paragraph Essay

Writing a five paragraph essay is quite simple. It is the second step of writing. Once you have mastered three paragraph papers you will have to move onto the five paragraph format. Here are a few tips on how to get it done. With these useful tips you will be writing a winning paper that will get you the best grades possible. Having a sample can be quite useful because it will help you to understand the format even better.

Understanding the format

A five paragraph essay is not that much different from the three paragraphed one. The format is not that different. Instead of having one paragraph for the body here you will have three. These three will be between the introduction and the conclusion. You will have to start the body with the most relevant point and if it is an argumentative paper you can include the counter arguments in the last paragraph. You can also include the weakest statements in the last paragraph of the body i.e. the second last paragraph of the whole paper.

Steps you will have to follow:

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