How to write an essay in a few hours: planning hints

Students often worry about the time they have to complete an essay. In reality, a stylish and well-written essay can be completed in just a few short hours with the help of a trustworthy online essay writing company. With significant practice and confidence, it is not unheard of for students to write essays in less than an hour. In order to accomplish what might seem impossible, students simply need to set a plan, stick to the plan, and get the essay finished.

Planning and Building the Outline

Setting the stage for the writing an essay requires planning. In order to get your essay finished, you need to give yourself a limited amount of time to create the individual steps. Use MyCustomEssay to get professional help. If you give yourself a few minutes to craft the outline, you can then write the essay in 90 minutes or less. This gives you a few minutes to run it through a proofreading app so you can make the corrections and have the essay done in less than two hours.

Avoid Major Distractions

It is important that you do not write your essay in front of the television or with your phone buzzing next to you. In most cases, students drag out their essay writing time because they succumb to so many distractions. When those distractions are left alone, students will be pleasantly surprised how quickly they can accomplish their goals.

Practice Timed Essays

Many high school students have practiced writing timed essays. Students are often tasked with writing five-paragraph essays in 45 minutes or less. It is not unheard of for students to write an essay in 30 minutes or less. Granted, these essays do not require research. Students are usually given prompts that can be answered with general knowledge. In these essays, the students usually are instructed to spend about five minutes or less planning their projects. Students tend to just jot down a few ideas for their body paragraphs and then they start the process of writing. Some with spend those first few moments planning and revising a thesis statement, so they have the perfect guidance for the rest of the paper.

Write to the Research

When you are tasked with writing an essay that requires research, your time is better spent quickly finding the research you need and crafting the essay around that. This goes quicker than if you look for research to fit into your essay. So, if you know you want to write about appropriate reading strategies for students in first grade, use the first three pieces of research you find and use those strategies for your essay. You will need to fit some meaningful direct quotes and paraphrased facts from the research, but if you craft your essay around the research, you figure out where the quotes go and write your supporting sentences and topic sentences around them. Writing a research-based essay this way can cut hours out of the process.

Use a Model Essay

Another easy way to craft an essay quickly and effectively is by finding a model essay, which is an essay that has a similar style and topic to the one you want to write. With a model essay, you can use it as template or you can rewrite it. When you use it as a template, you write your original piece sentence-by-sentence, using the topics and styles of the model as your guide. When you rewrite it, you go word-by-word and sentence-by-sentence, replacing the words with your own as you write. These are quick ways to accomplish an essay writing session in about an hour or less.

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