15 Good Essay Topics On Freedom: Ideas For College Students

There are plenty of different topics that you could write your essays on. This guide is here to help all college students to find some great topics on freedom. Here is a brief list of different ideas that you might find helpful:

  1. American Independence
  2. This is perhaps one of the most iconic freedom topics that you could write your essay on. There is so much that you can write about; all you have to do is just some research!

  3. Abolition of slavery
  4. Just try and think how long it took before American abolished slavery, and then how long before African-Americans were given equal rights! This is another great freedom topic.

  5. Scottish Independence
  6. Well, not exactly about the recent referendum in Scotland, but rather before the unity of the United Kingdom. Think of iconic figures like William Wallace and his efforts in trying to gain freedom from England.

  7. Independence of Taiwan
  8. This is another great topic, albeit it is based in Asia. Taiwan has been trying to gain full independence from China for years, but not exactly successful. Discuss whether they can do it someday!

  9. French resistance force
  10. This relates to the Second World War. Try and think of the French guerillas back then and how they fought the Germans.

  11. The breakup of Soviet Union
  12. The Soviets have broken up into pieces in the 1990 and the regions were all gaining independence from the country. It’s a great topic for your essay!

  13. Yugoslavian war
  14. Similar to the Soviets, the Yugoslavians were split into several regions and people were looking to gain freedom from the country. That’s why there are so many different countries in the region today.

  15. Personal freedom
  16. You could talk about your rights and similar things that affect your freedom! There’s no right or wrong.

  17. Women’s right
  18. Until a few decades ago, women didn’t enjoy rights similar to men. That’s unfair but it has since changed. This would make a great essay.

  19. Indian independence
  20. Not exactly a war, but explore how Gandhi has successfully achieved (or helped) the independence in India.

  21. Martin Luther King
  22. He was a great man who fought for African-American rights. A great topic indeed!

  23. China and Sun Yat-Sen
  24. The first man ever in China to revolt the imperial family and successfully abolished the royal families!

  25. Personal experience!
  26. That’s correct, you could talk about your experience as well. Like how you wanted to do more in the family, take part in decision-making etc.

  27. Eighty years war
  28. Talk about how the Netherlands gained independence from Spain!

  29. Operation Iraqi freedom
  30. Obviously this is a great topic to talk about – how the Americans liberated the Iraqis in the early 2000s!.


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