A Guide To Academic Writing: Persuasive And Informative Essays

Over the course of your education, you’ll find yourself writing many, many papers for a wide variety of subjects and courses. Essay writing for school usually begins in late elementary or early middle school, and continues all the way through university education. There are two main types of academic paper that you will frequently have to write: persuasive essays and informative essays. These two types of writing are quite different, since they’re designed to work toward different goals. While an informative essay provides objective, unbiased information, persuasive papers argue for a specific opinion about an issue. You’ll use different techniques and writing styles, approaching these two distinct types of academic papers quite differently. Here are some tips for writing persuasive papers and informative papers.

Writing Great Informative Essays

Informative essays are exactly what they sound like. They present information about a topic. In an informational paper, you’re not arguing towards any specific opinion, point of view, or course of action. Instead, you’re simply presenting your audience with factual information.

Writing Persuasive Essays

Unlike an informative academic paper, a persuasive paper is designed to try to convince your audience of a particular point of view. You’ll decide on your own opinion about a controversial issue, and then support your ideas with logic and reasoning. Ideally, you should be able to convince readers of the merit of your viewpoint.


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