A Comprehensive Guide To Writing An Essay About Mobile Phones In Schools

Mobile phones are just about everywhere these days, in a very short space of time, our very lives have been transformed by a new piece of technology that continues to evolve and adapt to provide us with more and more services in the palm of our hands. It is no surprise that these devices have become a source of distraction to students, raising concerns with educators about placing restrictions on their use during school hours.

To write an essay on this matter, one must consider many different aspects of the situation. There are many undeniable benefits to a student having a mobile phone on them during their school hours, while there are also many undeniable downsides. The following is a comprehensive guide to writing an essay about mobile phones in schools:

  1. Consider the pros and cons
  2. There are many reasons why a parent would want their child to have a mobile phone on them when they are at school, or anywhere else, where they will be out of parental reach for long periods of time. However, a young person with a cell phone is also now open to many different things, for instance, meetings with strangers they meet online. There is no one way to look at this situation, do you best to construct a complete list of all the benefits versus all negatives associated with having cell phones in schools.

  3. Consider affected parties
  4. If laws are passed dictating the use of cell phones in schools, in any way at all, who would be affected the most? There are many stake holders as well as many varying views, it is unlikely that everyone can be pleased.

  5. Formulate a hypothesis
  6. Now that you have a preliminary understanding of the situation, formulating a hypothesis will help give more shape to your paper, providing readers with something substantial to grasp on to.

  7. Gather evidence to support your hypothesis
  8. Evidence is the key to any paper and it must adhere to certain principles governing experimentation and research practices. Be thorough in your assessment of the situation, a one sided story makes for a poor paper.

  9. Propose a solution to the problem
  10. While this may not be a severe issue in the eyes of many, it is a situation that has the potential to affect the education system of many countries. Propose a possible solution that could satisfy all parties the most.


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