Romanticism in Literature:

Romanticism is a rather huge movement that happened during the late 18th century. It was mainly occurring in literature as well as in the arts. The works where designed to provide as well as emphasize not only subjectivity but also inspiration and even the meaning of the individual themselves. Being in this state is all about being romantic and producing high quality romance of all kinds. This term is in perfect reference to a period in history where the perspective on philosophy had went through changes and where art, music and literature had all evolved emotionally and inspirationally as well. The perceptions that people had from the western world would never be the same again and the change was for the better for sure.

During this era there were several different concepts that were used and explored in order to create the well-known pieces that we have come to love still to this day. These concepts mainly include symbols, emotion, myth, nature, and ideas about individualism as well as about whom you are as a person.

Examples of literature that involve romanticism include the following but are not limited to:

These examples are just barely the tip of the ice burg when it comes to examples of romanticism in literature, and overtime the idea and theme has remained the same, only evolving to suit the society at the time. For example modern forms of romanticism in literature have resulted in the twilight series; movies like the notebook and the last song; songs from Katy Perry, John Legend and Ed Sheeran. The concepts may not be as romantic or chivalrous but the idea and meaning behind the topic are still the same, just expressed in a more modern and different manner.

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