How To Write A Perfect Romeo And Juliet Literary Analysis Essay

Romeo and Juliet is possibly one of the greatest tragedies to exist in the literary world. Initially written by the ever-famous English playwright and poet William Shakespeare, this work have been adapted into modern literature, several movies, and theatrical plays. This glorious Italian play revolves around the tragic romance of two star-crossed lovers and is a part of academic curriculum all across the world ever since its inception.

What is a literary analysis?

If you have been given a college assignment to formulate an effective Literary Analysis of Romeo and Juliet, what will you do? First, you need to understand what exactly a Literary Analysis is.

Literary Analysis is a thorough and careful evaluation of a literary work. It could be a novel, a poem, or even a biography.

Literary Analysis of Romeo and Juliet

There are a few questions you could ask yourself to formulate your analysis:

  1. What is the play about?
  2. What are the main characters involved?
  3. Are there any villains?
  4. What are the general settings in which the play takes place?
  5. What literary devices have been used and how effectively have they been used?

Now you can start by separately analyzing the three Acts of the play, evaluating each one based on the used literary devices. Discuss the genre of the play, which in case of this work is Romance and Tragedy. What are the time and the related settings of the play? Try to identify the exact era and the continent/city/empire. Once you have done this, you should move onto a brief summary of the entire play, the theme, and the reason why it is considered one of the finest plays in the history. Comment on the writing style, the literary expressions, the language and other related items and devices that have been employed in the play. Now you can move to the individual acts and summarize them, comment on the characters and the plot. Remember to give in your own opinion as to how well you think the play has been written. Would you like to change anything? Do you think it is overrated? If yes, why so? Now you have to be careful not to get confused or scared because, Shakespeare was indeed one tough writer and Romeo and Juliet is one well-written play so you have to be very thorough. You can also talk a little about the adaptations, the title, possible alternative endings.

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