10 Fresh Persuasive Essay Topics For College Students

Essay writing can become monotonous after a while especially when the topics seem to all follow the same general track. Here’s a list of ten fresh essay topics that college students can spin into persuasive essays:

Can sexual orientation be adjusted through prayer, meditation or shock therapy?

This essay can look at the methods that have been used in the past to change sexual orientation and to what extent they succeeded or failed.

Do extra terrestrial aliens exist?

The writer in this case will have to take a stance on aliens and convince the reader why his/her belief should be unequivocally accepted.

Is eating meat unethical?

There are strong points in either direction on this topic which will make it a good idea for writers who are unafraid of ruffling their readers’ feathers.

Can animals be taught human language?

While evidence exists that animals communicate with each other the jury is out on whether this can be used to bridge the gap between species. This essay would require a good deal of research to be covered adequately.

Do abstinence only sex education programs work?

Another topic that needs to be followed up by statistics, an essay based on this would also be highly topical.

Is constipation linked to grumpiness?

This persuasive essay is mostly comedic but a very dedicated researcher could actually find studies that make the link or base a conclusion on the lack of evidence.

Is Santa Claus good or bad for children?

This is an essay that can be based mostly on anecdotal evidence because Santa Claus is fictitious. It makes for a good read in late December if you have a teacher/lecturer who is immersed in the holidays.

Do smart devices promote ADD?

This topic is self explanatory.

Is the world purging itself of humans?

This gives the writer a chance to link increases in natural disasters to climate change or swing the essay in the opposite direction by pointing at increased news coverage of catastrophes.

Can freelancing replace a job?

This essay is especially valid to current college students, many of whom may never get the kind of cradle to grave job contract their parents enjoyed. Fellow students would be riveted.

There you have it. A healthy list of persuasive topics for you to test your writing skills on. If you’re an overachiever, write them all from both angles and even look for a hidden angle or two.


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