How To Write A Profile Essay: Basic Manual For Middle School

When you are assigned a profile essay in middle school, you are usually given the choice between a personal profile, which would be about yourself, and a profile about another person or event. No matter which or choose, the strategies for writing are about the same. This type of paper may require an interview of the person if they are currently alive, or some research for those who lived before. A personal profile would require some deep thinking about what you want to say.

How to conduct an interview

If you are interviewing someone, say your mom or dad or someone else you admire, you will want to ask some basic questions. It will also be helpful to take notes about how they look and how they act. Ask about their special interests, accomplishments, career, family and hobbies. Find something to focus on and then dig deeper. Remember to ask the questions using who, what, when, where, why and how. Feel free to ask anessay writing service for help, if it seems to complicated.

Developing an outline

Make an outline based on all the information you have gathered. The first paragraph is always the introduction and will be a brief summary of what the entire essay is going to cover. It lets the reader know what you are going to be writing about. Next is the body. This will consist of several different points, each in their own paragraph and supported by other facts and events and characteristics of the person. Your outline should include some short notes to remind you of what you want to write in each paragraph.

The last part of the outline is the conclusion. It’s very similar to the introduction because it’s also a summary of the entire essay. However, you must be careful and use different wording so it’s not a duplicate of the first paragraph.

Writing the paper

When you are ready to begin writing, use the outline and follow it along in the same order so your writing is organized and focused on what you want it to cover. Using the outline as a pattern or template to follow really makes the writing of the essay go quicker and easier.

Polishing up your writing

Always remember the important step of revising and proofreading. You may need to edit or revise if you notice you’ve missed something or the paragraphs don’t flow smoothly from one to the next. After making these changes, proofread and correct any spelling or grammar errors.

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