List Of Interesting Argument Of Evaluation Essay Topics

Writing an argument of evaluation essay might be difficult if you don’t have much experience with this kind of assignments. Here are a few tips that should help you when you need to create a good evaluation paper:

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Choosing the topic for this kind of paper can be tricky. Here are a few suggestions you can use for inspiration:

  1. Differences in social relationships face to face and on the Internet.
  2. The actual effect of toxic waste on the ecology.
  3. The role of language in personal relationships between couples where one of the partners is a non-native English speaker.
  4. The impact of bullying on personality development in adolescents.
  5. The Internet as a service.
  6. Health care reforms of Clinton and Roosevelt.
  7. Why do major oil-producing countries cannot sustain democracy?
  8. The real ethical responsibilities of public companies.
  9. The impact of religious voters on the presidential elections in the 20th century.
  10. Management problems of 200 years ago when compared to those people face today.
  11. The role of Winston Churchill in the World War II.
  12. What is the actual role of the EU in the politics of European countries?
  13. The impact of VoIP technology on business.
  14. The quality of care in an average American nursing home.
  15. How does the division of capital in African countries affect military conflicts on the continent?

Think of what subject interests both you and your readers. You need to write something that will appeal to the audience in order to get their attention. However, you also need to pick a topic you will be interested in, or the process of writing will become dull and boring.

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