Choosing Good Essay Topics on 1984: a List of Suggestions

1984 is a novel written by George Orwell that describes a dystopian society ruled by a single party that seeks nothing except for power. This piece of literature was revolutionary at that time and inspired many writers in the future. If you want to write a literary essay, this novel can be a very good basis for your topic. Here is a list of suggestions from assignment geek that you may research in your paper:

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  1. Roles of genders in the novel.
  2. Look at the relations between men and women in this piece of literature. Discuss what the author wanted to say be depicting them in such a way.

  3. Sex in 1984.
  4. This is something that can illustrate the atmosphere of the age very accurately. Analyze the views of the novel’s characters on sex and intimate life in your essay.

  5. The impact of technology.
  6. Technologies play a big role in the lives of the novel’s characters. Using passages from the book, demonstrate how technologies can limit people’s freedom.

  7. The illustration of power.
  8. This topic allows you to investigate how the power and people who have this power are depicted in the book. What do they symbolize?

  9. The analysis of particular characters.
  10. You may pick a character from 1984 and analyze their development through the novel in your essay. Try to look at the characters from unexpected angles.

  11. Social standards in the novel.
  12. Investigate what features of people are respected and what are discouraged in the society described in the book. Do these views differ from the views of our society?

  13. Symbolism in the novel.
  14. There are many ideas and images in the book that don’t directly relate to the plot, but have a significant symbolism. Describe these images and their meaning.

  15. Brainwashing.
  16. This topic allows you to discuss in your essay the illustration of brainwashing in the book. What is doublethink and how it works?

  17. A comparison between Julia and Winston.
  18. Find the differences and similarities of these two characters. Discuss the opinions of Julia and Winston about the Party.

  19. Room 101.
  20. Discuss in your paper the concept of Room 101 where people face their most feared nightmares. What are the effects of such procedures?

You may use these topics to write a decent essay on 1984 or get cheap essays for sale at Keep in mind, that to write a good paper, you’ll need to read the entire book but not only a summation of its plot. This will enable you to easily find passages from the novel to support your arguments.

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